Together with SASCOC and Bidvest, Mscsports proudly curated a long-term partnership between Bidvest and SASCOC, aimed at boosting the prospects of all South African athletes.

Mscsports, an award-winning sponsorship agency, secured a pioneering deal between their client Bidvest and SASCOC to sponsor Team South Africa in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024 in Paris and beyond. This new partnership will have a significant impact on the future of South African sports and athletes.

Mscsports, known for challenging, inspiring, and shaping the world of sports and entertainment, have played a critical role in making this partnership a reality.

Through their unwavering dedication and industry expertise, Mscsports was able to bring together their client Bidvest and SASCOC and negotiate a partnership that benefits South African Sports.

The negotiations on this sponsorship, which started in 2021 at the behest of Mscsports, have been ongoing for some time, and the successful outcome is a testament to the perseverance of all involved.

Mscsports CEO Neil Jankelowitz: “We started our journey with Bidvest to identify and find a suitable property that would support Bidvest’s objective of making South Africa better for all. Together with Bidvest’s core value of excellence, this led us on a path of identifying and presenting several different options to Bidvest. Securing Bidvest as the headline sponsor for Team South Africa as well as Bidvest Operation Excellence is a significant milestone for us and a testament to our commitment to driving positive change in the sports industry.”

"There was a common thread and desire between Bidvest and SASCOC to achieve their common primary objectives which is to uplift all South Africans, provide equal opportunities and create better lives for all. This partnership will have a transformative impact on our athletes' future and will provide them with the resources they need to succeed."

The partnership between Bidvest and SASCOC is not only a game changer for South African sports but also a reflection of Mscsports’ pioneering spirit and dedication to shaping the future of sports. As the world continues to navigate a rapidly changing sports landscape, Mscsports will continue to challenge, inspire, and shape the industry to achieve greater success.

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